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Buddy - do you know that the world is over, employees are realizing that financial security often cannot be achieved through corporate employment. Why not develop an alteration plan B to secure your family? Why not take some positive steps to gain control over your life plan today before your company changes its plans for you tomorrow. A home party business is a flexible way to earn extra income or start a new career.

There are many different ways to sell jewelry, and for many people, home, business, and office party planning is a perfect fit to their time, resources, and goals because it has so many advantage of selling through personal party: keep costs a minimum, use contacts you already have, work on your own schedule and sell to customers who are ready to buy your product.

Supplyjewelry Online Shop as a fashion and costume jewelry manufacturer and distributor, we have seen first-hand the extraordinary success that people interested in building their own home-based business can have with jewelry home, business, and office parties. The advantages of selling through a personal party combined with Supplyjewelry's uniquely beautiful products make jewelry party planning a superb business opportunity. As the world's leading jewelry wholesale online shop, Supplyjewelry carry all of today's most popular items to ensure your best sell. 925. sterling silver rings, toe rings, necklace, pendants, bangle bracelets, anklets, pins and body jewelry; plus a huge selection of fashion bracelets, necklaces, anklets, hematite jewelry, hemp jewelry and slave jewelry. Even home decor items, candle and candle holders, key chains, oil burner and lighters are all available in our stock.

Starting you own jewelry home party business to make all your dream come true!


Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor is a qulified PayPal World Seller Merchant

Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor is a qualified PayPal World Seller Merchant whom is recognized as a high-volume and experienced international seller. Our wholesale distribution warehouses receive new shipment of jewellery, clothing and fashion gift items each month. Check out our web site for product updates. Free shipping to continental USA and Canada by UPS ground.    Minimum Order $100 Required

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