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Gemstone Information - Turquoise

Turquoise was called " Turkish stone" because it was first brought from Turkey. Its synonym is callais, meaning " beautiful stone " in Greek. While pure blue color turquoise is rare to find, most turquoise are turquoise matrix (spider-web), the blue stone interspersed with brown dark gray or black veins of other minerals or the host rock. This opaque stone has light to dark blue or blue green tones. Turquoise is found in Iran ( the best turquoise in pure sky blue) , Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Tibet of China, Mexico, Israel, Tanzania, and USA.

Turquoise, a birthstone for December, has been highly admired by ancient Egyptians, Asian and African nations for centuries for its beautiful unique hue of blue and its prophylactic and therapeutic qualities. Turquoise is the national gemstone of Iran (Persia), and it is used for decorate thrones. The Arabs consider it a lucky stone to protect the wearer from poison, and the evil eye. The Tibetans use turquoise in most of their jewelry and ritual ornament decorations. The Aztecs treated turquoise more valuable than gold.

To Native American tribes ( ancient Mexican) , turquoise is recognized as a sacred gem stone unites earth and sky, wards off bad spells and evil wishes and has been widely used for centuries to adorn ritual objects. Artists and craftsman of Native American has producing a dazzling ranges of turquoise jewelry and turquoise inlaid / mosaic ornaments, and art decors for ritual use and trade. The most coveted traditional ornaments today are turquoise concha belt, squash blossom necklace and ketoh.

Also called Callais, this opaque stone is rather soft and porous. Natural turquoise has stability problems. Except the one mined from Iran, other natural turquoise may turn green, white or occasionally brown within a year after it is mined. To deepen the color and decrease porosity, most turquoise today are treated, or called stabilized, by dipping them in varies resins to enhance its hardness and durability as well as prevent discoloration.

According to gemstone healing art theory, turquoise gemstone is a magical stone connects physical and spiritual awareness, develops inner strength and calm. Natural practitioners also believe turquoise heals the emotions and emotional body, enhances communication and creativity.

Since the sky-blue color of natural turquoise changes by high temperature (about 250 degrees C), influence of light, perspiration, oils, cosmetic and household detergents, you should remove the natural turquoise jewelry before wash your hand or take shower.

We wholesale supply a large selection of turquoise sterling silver jewelry. Here are some of the turquoise jewelry from our wholesale catalog:


Sterling silver earring with multi blue turquoise forming cross pattern
triangle turquoise earring
EPP14SS.jpg (8681 bytes)
marcasite jewelry supply wholesale online
925 sterling silver pendant

Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings on Earring Page 1

Turquoise Inlaid Sterling Silver Earrings on Earring Page 2

Green Turquoise Earring on Earring Page 4

Blue Turquoise Earring on Earring Page 5

Earring with Genuine Green Turquoise Nugget Stones on Earring Page 6

Long Shape Dangle Earring with Stabilized Turquoise on Earring Page 9

Turquoise Beaded Earrings on Earring Page 17

Indian Style Turquoise Gemstone Beads Earring on Earring Page 18

Chandelier Earring with Turquoise Inlay on Earring Page 22

Gecko Earring and Flower Earring With Turquoise on Earring Page 22

Long Diamond Shape Celtic Cut Out Earring with Blue Turquoise on Earring Page 26

Blue Turquoise and Green Turquoise Silver Rings on Rings w/Gemstone Page 2

Ancient Cross Ring with Blue Turquoise on Rings w/Gemstone Page 5

Oval, Triangle, Round, Square Large Turquoise Semiprecious Stone Rings on Rings w/Gemstone Page 21

Turquoise Beads and Amethyst Marcasite Rings on Rings w/Gemstone Page 25

Scorpio Sterling Silver Ring with Green Turquoise

Heart Jewelry Pendant with Turquoise on Pendant Page 1

Butterfly Sea Horse Bugs Spiders Lobster Gecko Silver Pendant with Turquoise on Pendant Page 2

Green Turquoise Cross Pendant, Elephant Pendant, Shark Pendants on Pendant Page 3

Native American Style Turquoise Pendants on Pendant Page 7

Heavy Turquoise Pendants Handcrafted by Indonesian Jewelers on Pendant 15

Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklaces From Thailand

Blue Turquoise Gemstone Stone Nuggets Handmade Necklaces From Bali

Multi Turquoise Inlaid Silver Bangle

Turquoise beads, nuggets, chips, jewelry making supply



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